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E-Glass mat

Through by the fiberglass wool carding engine. Subsequently, our E-fiberglass wool are ceaselessly sewn by thousands of needles. The E-glass needled mat is manufactured from a well-controlled assortment of long textile glass fibers to assure uniform mechanical bonding with no additional binders, thereby assuring insulation efficiency during extended exposure of elevated temperatures.

According to customer demand, variety of specifications are available. in addition , we also produce (GF + P.P) and high silicon content production.

E-glass needled mat

GF + P.P needled mat

High silicon needled mat


Fiberglass Wool

Fiberglass wool

Fiberglass wool is made by heating SiO2 to high temperatures and putting it through a process that makes a wool-like fiber. It is incombustible and has superior insulation, noise absorption, and vibration-resistance properties. Its applications vary from housing and building construction to equipment and automobiles. we can use them to fill a certain space for thermal insulation,It contributes a lot to creating a pleasant environment and reduces energy consumption in a wide range of fields.Also it can be made of glass-fiber niddled mat.


Packaging a fiberglass wool cube Per 3OO-320 kg mechanically as shown, of course, according to customer demand the shape may be different for packaging and shipping.


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